Decode Your Human Design Chart

with Basic Personal Rave Chart Report

Report of the key concepts from your Human Design Chart.

A report with a breakdown of the values ​​from your Human Design card is a clearly structured document in which all information is presented in the most accessible language.

Each version of the online transcript is adapted for a specific category of users who have a certain level of practical and theoretical knowledge about the Human Design system.

The exact time of a person’s birth is extremely important for the correct free calculation of a rave card on our website and the formation of a transcript! If you do not know your exact time of birth, order a rectification service from an analyst.

human design decoder

Personal Rave Chart Report

The full version of a personal chart report the most complete information on all aspects of your energy mechanics and will help you understand each element of a personal rave chart.

Contents of the Full Report

  • Human Design basics
  • Structure of a personal chart
  • Report on the mechanics of your Type
  • Your inner Authority
  • Description of active Channels
  • Analysis of the Profile and its lines
  • Analysis of Energy Centres
  • Report on your Definition
  • Simplified Gate Report
  • Report on planetary influences
  • Summary of the Gene Keys Gifts and Shadows
  • Detailed analysis of each Gene Key
  • Brief summaries of your Rave Chart
  • Brief summaries of your Rave Chart
  • Report on your Variables
  • Brief PHS analysis (diet, environment)
  • Motivation and outlook on life

Decoding Human Design Chart

Our Advantages

Over the years, we have been working to make life easier for the many Human Design seekers who decided to embark on the path of self-discovery and are interested in exploring their Rave Chart on their own.

Impeccable accuracy of chart calculation

We have completed the database with time zones and ephemerides of celestial bodies for the most accurate calculation of your Design.

Fast and automated report

You can download a ready-made report in PDF format literally in a few minutes after ordering and paying for your order.

Convenient analytical tools

Register on the website to save Rave Charts in your Personal Area and get free access to their short reports.

Exclusive author content

Report contain unique author content and colourful thematic illustrations that you will not find on the Internet.


Personal Rave Chart Reports

This is an ideal tool for understanding yourself through the prism of Human Design. It is suitable for independent study and for use by professional analysts for consulting or teaching other people.


Decoding Bodygraph in Human Design

Manifestor – Inform & Initiate
Generator – To Respond
Manifesting Generator – Inform & Respond
Projector – Wait for Invitation
Reflector – To go at your own Pace, Not to be Rushed, Lunar Cycle
AUTHORITY — Emotional,Sacral,Splenic,Ego,Self-Projected,Mental Projector,Lunar
and else